Who Am I?

Hi there! My name is Rachael. I am happy you have decided to take the time out to visit my website. It is my wish that at the end of your visit you would have taken something positive with you.

This journey started in the last quarter of 2019. Up on till then, I had always played with the idea of writing someday, although I did not know what I would be writing about or how to go about it.

I had had a lot of bad breaks and one more at the time got be to my lowest that I prayed like never before from my inner- most, for relief and a way out. Grace came through for me and the next day I dusted myself up and decided to start writing. It was the only thing that I had to stay afloat of everything that was happening to me at the time.

I finally decided that I will use the talents that I know I have been given by God, to add even if very little but my own contribution to make this world of ours a better place. And this is how the Think Relationship and Lifestyle company was birthed. 

In the process I have learnt a lot about myself; many barriers broken and limitations I had set up. I hope that as you visit my page and read the articles that you will slowly understand life better and have the tools to help you live a very fulfilled life.

One of the things that brings me the most joy, is to inspire and help others be the best version of themselves and live a purposeful life!